Monday, July 30, 2007

Bad Trouble

As regulars here know, Mrs. Thorney has creative travel ideas. When she was 65, we were white-water rafting the upper Ganges where it emerges from the Himalayas above Rishikesh. At 79, we got far enough into the Himalayas in Bhutan for the natives to, shall we say, invite her to perform in a fertility festival. At 80 or 81, a trip included a stop at the northern border of Thailand to visit people smuggling medical and educational supplies to the rebellious Burmese hill tribes.

She is now 83. Unfortunately, the last few weeks proved not to be the most propitious time for a tour of social and political problems in Palestine (West Bank).

The most serious injury when she was mugged in East Jerusalem on June 3 was a badly broken right shoulder, two pieces broken off the top of her right humerus (the big bone in the upper arm) including the places where the muscles attach. Reconstructive surgery was done at Haddassah Hospital, Ein Kerem (Jerusalem) on June 5, and she finally recovered enough for us to return home (Memphis, Tennessee) arriving Sunday, June 17. (Our visits to Germany and Denmark were of course canceled).

There are pins in to hold the bones together that will come out in several weeks, and then four to six months of physical therapy will determine how much arm motion and strength she gets back. At the moment the arm is strapped to her body (immobilized. Hmm, bondage thoughts...)

As you can imagine, life here is a bit complex just now. Over the coming days as time permits I'll try to tell more, and I will be exceeding the usual bounds of this newsgroup. I'll add to this thread but try to label the posts with subtopics like [Travel] [Politics] [Medical] and of course [Sex] and/or [D/s].

Mrs. Thorney, I'm happy to report, is her usual irrepressible self mentally, and as loving and sexy as ever although it has to be expressed in different ways than our usual.

I am not going to get involved in side discussions here other than about the sex etc, although I assume the discussion of Palestinian politics may get rough - I can't tell the story without references to it.

I do invite nice postings with nice thoughts or memories about Mrs. Thorney, that she can read while convalescing (especially until she gets the hang of typing one-handed).

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