Saturday, August 25, 2007

More politics than bondage

I'm not sure what gets me to venture into politics here. I guess browsing in other blogs and following links in Flickr etc. led me to pictures of Wonder Woman tied up, etc., and somehow I was reminded of this cartoon of John Q. Public thoroughly tied up in recording tape, vintage 1970, during the government - wiretapping - the - public scandal of that year.

I'm a great fan of Herblock and it is nice to have a large collection of his cartoons available on-line; a remarkable number are very timely. Perhaps the fact that I like him so much means I don't even have to mention actual political opinions here.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A desire to have some of the advantages of a girl...

I was reading a recent post of another blogger, at

and it reminded me of a post I'd made just over 6 years ago. So here is the part of it I can easily find...
.... While I love hearing "Please Master" and "Yes Master" from my wife, it is no secret around here that I work pretty hard to keep her happy and even expect her to let me know what is needed to keep her happy, even if it comes with a "Please, Master" in the preface.

The intensity of the pleasure I get out of making her happy startles me (and her) sometimes. I sometimes think the 'Please, Master' stuff is my way of protecting my ego as I (happily) do things for her. Where does this urge, the intensity of this pleasure, come from in me? I think I can say a few words about one of the fantasies in my mind.

.... As a young man I was very much taken by Marilyn Monroe movies. And I found that I mentally revised somewhat the character she so often plays, the sweet sexy young nightclub entertainer who has attracted the interest of the successful older businessman.

Now, Marilyn isn't really dumb. Rather, she is smart enough to know when to play dumb. And she gets, from my point of view, a pretty good deal. Her businessman is busy enough that Marilyn has some time to do her own thing; she has a job for fun and pin money but isn't financially dependent on it and can cut a day or sass the boss when she wants. She has her man pretty well wrapped around her finger and gets what she wants. In exchange she is available when needed, attentive, affectionate, ready to run off on a trip or to a party, and, one suspects, ready to hop into bed when needed. [Note: I'm reciting the Marilyn Monroe fantasy I built up, which is not quite the same as the role she actually portrays].

I -thought- the male viewer was supposed to identify with one of the men in the movie - the young guy smitten with Marilyn, or the older man who Marilyn attracted. But I didn't want to be them. I wanted to be Marilyn. She didn't have to work more than she wanted to for the fun of it, didn't have to solve her own problems, didn't have to act strong and independent - all she had to do was be desirable, be available when wanted, and know when to play dumb. It seemed to me she got a much better deal out of it than the men did.

Now, I did have a reasonably normal, and reasonably successful, academic career. ... And other than that we tended to follow the time-honored tradition: she decided the small issues, and I only took charge of the important issues, (like when would be a convenient time to have my cock sucked. :) Actually, we divide decision making pretty well. She's better at major financial decisions than I am, so she makes them.)

And as years went on, we've grown happier and closer together. My wife retired 13 years before I did, giving her more time to make me happy, and more time for other activities. As I approached retirement, I watched how she spent her time and increasingly took time away from the office to join her. I enjoyed the social rounds and trips she suggested. I found that I really -liked- coming when called, especially as she mastered the right way to do the calling.

(Phone call at office: "My pussy is awfully wet, Master, and I think I need to change panties. Do you have time to come pick me out a pair?")

We had enough money, between us, that I could retire - which meant I could and did sass the boss when indicated.

And I mentioned one day to a psychologist (as I discussed some other retirement issues) that I was finally managing to live a large part of my Marilyn fantasy. With my wife as the successful older businessman, and me as the (not-so-)young sex object - enjoying my job and the 'pin money', but no need for it financially, and getting all the sex and love I wanted, with my main job being to be available for my wife when wanted and to make sure that she knew I felt her to be infinitely desirable (which I do).

I described the Marilyn fantasy and he looked at me a bit as if I had two heads. "You really like that?" "Well," I said, "it appeals to me a lot more than your job. After all, what's wrong with a job where the principal duties include being found highly sexually desirable, being ready to run off on a trip or to a party, talking a lot about subjects of mutual interest, and the pay just happens to include all the sex that I want." He looked me over, grinned strangely, and changed the subject...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Progress report, August 18, 2007

I haven’t been giving frequent reports lately, but occasional milestones merit celebrating.

Mrs. Thorney, age 83, continues to recover from the mugging on June 3, in which the most serious injury was a multiple break in her right shoulder. The pins holding it together temporarily came out July 20 and the last bandages off July 26. The last of the mugging bruises faded the first week of August and only a few minor bruises from the July 20 surgery remain.

Arm movement is returning, and the August 16 x-rays of the shoulder joint show that bones have moved back to close to correct positions. She can raise her right arm upward or outward about 90 degrees and the physical therapist can lift it to 120 to 140 degrees, a faster than predicted progress. Outward rotation (elbow at side, forearm horizontal) is still extremely limited. That (rotator cuff) is usually the last muscle to recover. There is still some tenderness on the right shoulder and upper arm, somewhat limiting hugs and positions.

“Normal” sex life is back to close to normal - after two months of no penetration it has taken some patience to get the vaginal tissues back to pain-free flexibility, and she still prefers that I position myself so it doesn’t quite go”all the way in” but enjoys vigorous thrusting short of that point. (This does not make me wish I had a smaller penis on a permanent basis, but it would be convenient just now.) I haven’t given up kissing and rubbing her feet - it’s a wonderful way of turning us both on, and that consequence of her injury will be a permanent addition to our repertoire.

During the first two weeks of August we were in a family reunion / granddaughter’s wedding situation, often with 9 children or grandchildren in the house with us. The end of that period and having the house to ourselves has merited real celebration, particularly as she has so much more freedom of movement now than two weeks ago. So I’ve turned the thermostat temperature up (why not save money during a major heat wave?) to make clothing unnecessary and am very much enjoying having her run around the house naked. I’ve been making a bit of a pest myself that way, in fact - I think I took about 80 pictures yesterday, getting her into odd poses in places in the house I’d never thought to pose her before. I’ve also gotten out all the impractical tiny and see-through panties that we hadn’t enjoyed much in the last few months and am having her do “fashion shows” and strip-teases for me. (Bras are a problem, mainly just left off - she can’t work a standard rear-fastening bra just now and we’ve gotten some front-fastening ones but they are more practical than sexy-fun.)

While she is going to the physical therapist three times a week for arm exercises, it is only in the last few days she has been able to resume the other stretches and such that I find fun to watch (especially when she is naked.) And this morning came a major breakthrough when she said, “Hey, there is something I need to do - stand right here. No, a few inches that way.” And then she knelt down, got way down and kissed my feet - and got herself back up without help, having positioned herself to use her left arm to pull and push on a blanket chest. It’s the first time since the mugging June 3, and real cause for celebration!