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White Silk Story
(Erotic submission at age 85.)
Mrs. Thorney and I have been extremely happily married for over 26 years. She is 85, I'm just short of 65. Our sex life was extremely active until shortly after her 83rd birthday, when she was badly injured in a mugging (chipped teeth, and two surgeries to put her broken shoulder back together, among other problems.) Her recovery was remarkable, but in the last two years she has had other occasional minor health problems.

Unfortunately, several of these have made conventional intercourse difficult or impossible for greater or lesser periods, and, at 85, getting tissue flexibility back in the vagina takes longer than it did when she was younger. So we are coming to adjust to the fact that there will be extended periods when we can't have conventional intercourse, and especially can't fuck as vigorously or uninhibitedly or extendedly as we have so often enjoyed in the past. Anal sex is uncomfortable for her (hemmorroids acquired over the course of having five children.)

Now, I like lots of sex and sexplay. She likes lots of attention and affection, and adores assurance that she is still wanted, lusted after, and the world's greatest expert in keeping me happy. So it is worth spending time thinking about how one maintains a very sexy D/s relationship while respecting medical limits. And in the last few weeks we have had so many
grandchildren in residence that play has had to be restricted to our bedroom and kept on the quiet side, although we've enjoyed planning and fantasizing about what we can do once we have the house back to ourselves. And one line of reasoning has been thinking in terms of the "white silk" slaves of Gor, slave girls who are completely owned, being trained as pleasure slaves, but whose virginity is being preserved for their eventual purchaser. It is a very minor point in the Gor books, but has been a stimulating line of reasoning for me, and very helpful in making Mrs. Thorney feel desirable, loved, wanted, and appreciated despite any disabilities of age.

Of course I also want to keep her sex drive up - both her satisfaction level and her desire to get back to conventional intercourse. So I've been working on a list, activities we have been enjoying in recent months or expect to enjoy next week when the kids have gone home. I very much hope that other people will contribute suggestions.

What things would you find erotic or otherwise satisfying in this situation? Or what do you think a Gorean slave dealer might do to train a girl for sale to a Master who wanted to "open" the girl himself?
- - -
Clothing of course is at the discretion of the Master. In day-to-day practice, I don't bother myself with selecting her clothing except for choosing her panties (if any) and insisting on skirts or dresses so that I can reach up under easily or flip them up for a spanking. I also prefer front-opening bras.

Requiring the girl to exercise naked, under close supervision, and to learn what poses and motions the Master finds most provocative. In our case this is especially important, as maintaining strength and flexibility (to a level that astounded her physical therapists and doctors after her arm surgeries and a spinal dislocation) are things she is properly proud of. I
won't list all the therapist-recommended exercises, but note a few as being ones I love to insist upon -

- head down, ass up, arms stretched forward, hold position until released. If the slave's bottom is touched, she should present it invitingly and try to spread her asscheeks to improve access.

- lie on back, knees bent, legs spread. Roll pelvis to raise pubic area as high as she can. Pulse pubic area up and down. Be prepared to suck and lick any part Master presents to her lips or to reach to hold vaginal lips apart if he wants to play with her vagina.

- standing, legs spread, bend as far as she can, try to place hands on floor. Await whatever Master decides to do.

- crawling naked on floor, kiss and lick Master's feet from all sides.

- Kneel, kowtow, kiss Master's feet. Come up slowly, rubbing hair between Master's spread legs and brushing hair against his balls. Kiss cock, stand up and present breasts for him to squeeze. Kneel and repeat.

Licking cock and balls.
Lots of practice to find the techniques of ball-licking, ball-sucking, licking of perineum that are most stimulating to Master.
Determining places and postures comfortable for extended cock kissing and sucking. Kneeling, seated in chair, low stool, etc.

Determining, by experiment, the best places in the house to bend over to present the slave's ass for spanking or other use by the Master. Ideally, there should be a place in each room and none of them should be neglected for too many days running.

Spanking games - how hard can the slave be spanked without making any noise? How loud can a spanking be made without

hurting too much?

Erotic posing, with and without bondage - mastering a list of Gorean slave display positions. Learning to hold highly exposed poses while the Master pokes, pinches, etc., with the slave not moving until released verbally. Mrs. Thorney does not enjoy being in tight bondage, but is wonderful at posing for convincing bondage photographs using fake knots or elastic cords (and I get as much pleasure out of requiring her verbally to hold the position for as long as I like, as I would from real bondage. Besides, she licks much better and longer when she isn't really uncomfortable.)

It is important for the slave to realize that her entire body is owned, appreciated, and valued by the Master. One way to do this is to develop masturbating techniques that will spread the Master's fluids on as many parts of the slave's body as possible. Masturbating between the slave's bottom cheeks allows rubbing the fluid over the back; having the slave squeeze the cock between her breasts allows spreading fluid over the chest and neck. (While shoulder injuries ruled out some more common positions two years ago, she also learned to jerk me off with her feet. I like to stress to her that I have the right to fuck any part of her, her entire body is my property.)

The slave must also learn to express her desire for and appreciation of her Master. I try to be responsive whenever she comes and rubs her bottom or her pussy against me or guides my hand to her pussy or elsewhere. Expressing desire for attention is not "Topping from the bottom" in our house, it is a form of submissiveness. Keeping Master informed as to the
slave's level of excitement - if it isn't obvious by motion or posture, is required. And specific acknowledgment ("Thank you, Master") is required anytime the slave climaxes from any stimulation other than conventional intercourse.

One addition by Mrs. Thorney is that she likes to make up silly songs, e.g. "Yes, Master, Yes" repeated over and over to a tune she likes. I enjoy having her sing this while I am spanking her or squeezing her breasts, etc.

Other ideas in any of these categories, or others?


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