Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The practical foot fetishist

I've never had a foot fetish. But I do read a lot, and over the years I've found an acquaintance with odd practices useful at times. I mentioned in this group perhaps five years ago that "sadistic nurse" fantasies and forced enema practices had never seemed the slightest bit erotic to me. But then I got to an age and family history situation where I needed periodic colonoscopies to check for colon cancer. The first one was long enough ago that the preparation involved three consecutive enemas, and the procedure (performed while conscious) requires running a rather large and frightening tube unreasonably far up through the victim's (er, patient's) anus. I've read appropriate pornography each time as part of my pre-op preparations, and it has helped. At least once the attending nurse noticed my rather large and inappropriately timed erection, but said nothing, and the sexual excitement does make the procedure much more bearable. (Mrs. Thorney hates it when she has the procedure, and thinks my solution is thoroughly nuts.)

When Mrs. Thorney was mugged June 3, she was rather extensively injured and lost a lot of blood, internally. Over the next four days she turned black and blue essentially everywhere but the legs below the knees. And there were aches and pains almost everywhere, to the point that very few spots on her could be touched. The mouth injuries meant no kisses for about 10 days, and even now (June 22) only very gentle ones. The badly broken shoulder means no hugs at all for six weeks or more, no serious ones for months. In fact. about the only part of her that -could- be touched in the first week or two was her lower legs and feet. And if that was the place where affection could be physically expressed, well, that's the part I was going to learn to love and be turned on by.

I was, as I've explained in earlier posts, at her feet pretty constantly. It started with adjusting socks, shoes, wheelchair footrests, as well as kneeling at her feet to get her panties on and off and wipe her bottom at the toilet. But I needed to kiss, she needed to receive kisses, and her feet were the surface that was available. They've gotten a lot of kisses in the last two weeks or so, and perhaps when one concentrates so much on kissing a particular spot, when it is the main place one can kiss, it is not unreasonable to fixate on it. I've come to adore her feet, to love kissing her feet, to feel privileged to be able to touch and play with them.

She has wanted her feet rubbed frequently, her lower legs rubbed often. I caress her, kiss her, love her, kneeling or lying naked at her feet, curled around her feet, adoring her. I curl up at her feet in bed.

As she improved she wanted her feet washed, she wanted her toenails filed. I've done some toenail work for her in the past, but it was much briefer and an entirely different game (when she has clothes on, it is a chance for me to look up her skirt.) this was different, as she was micro-managing to an extent I'd never have tolerated before. Which toenail, what angle to hold the file, how long a stroke and at what speed. I was naked at her feet, submissive, loving being micromanaged, reveling in the occasional pat of approval on my head.

And with the feet clean and toenails under control, the feet were even more tempting. I've learned to lick her feet, get my tongue between her toes, and been allowed to suck her toes. Her nipples are unavailable, blocked by the shoulder immobilizing harness. Even now that the soreness in her hip is low enough that spreading her legs might be possible, she doesn't want her clit played with - she tends to thrash around when excited, and that would hurt other places and/or endanger the shoulder. The tenderness in her shoulder makes getting to an earlobe tricky. So her toes are what I have to suck on, and I've learned to do it. I can not only get an erection very quickly by sucking her toes, I'm learning to get an erection just be thinking about being naked at her feet, sucking her toes. (Which I can't do just now, darn it, a granddaughter is here talking with her.) And she is reveling in being so loved, so sexually desirable even in her present condition.

I have masturbated to climax once by rubbing on her lower leg, puppy-dog fashion. But that didn't work that well for me, and was an inconvenient position for her. So she suggested I try using her feet. I smeared KY jelly on my cock and balls and we've experimented with my rubbing my cock all over her feet, squeezing it between her feet (using my hands to press them together), her playing with my balls with her toes. It is more incredibly exciting than I'd imagined possible.

I'm hooked, thoroughly. I doubt I'll give up loving her feet even when she has fully recovered. And she's enjoying one more way of being irresistible to me.

(At least one more report to come, but writing may be delayed with the kids around.)

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