Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 22. Home, in our own bed! We flew in the 19th, spent the day at doctors on the 20th, the 21st I got to go grocery  shopping and our kids left. That evening Mrs. Thorney climbed the stairs to our very own bedroom, and this morning it was a long time until we got out of bed for breakfast (well, I got out and brought her breakfast.)  I'm now trying to be the perfect lover and the perfect service sub at the same time, and it is hard work. She's still on a walker and oxygen, but very much herself intellectually and as a lover. She needs lots of care and help but can still lick my balls exquisitely. When or whether we'll manage penis-in-vagina sex again, or whether she'll ever kneel to kiss my feet again, are open, but there is so much else we can still do that we are very happy.

Friday, February 14, 2014

 February 14, Friday.  We have escaped from the rehab home!  After two days of working through absurdly difficult hoops, we are now at our daughter's house until next Wednesday, Feb 19, when we'll fly back to our own home.  Mrs. Thorney is still on oxygen (1 liter/min) and will need 3 liters/min on the airplane, but the pulmonologist hopes she'll be off oxygen in a month or two. It is SO nice to be back in a double bed!  Ad tomorrow we hope to have a shower together for the first time since late December.
     Example of the silly obstacles: The rehab home faxed a prescription list to the pharmacy.  The margins were set wrong, and the left quarter inch was cut off in the received copy. Since the original had no margins (???!!!) that meant the first two letters of each drug name were cut off, as well as the info the pharmacy could have used to calll back and say there was a problem.
     Anyhow, Mrs. Thorney is enthusiastic, climbing stairs, and we are still very much in love.

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, Monday, about 7 PM - The pulmonogist says we can go home and start to live fairly normally, but with oxygen for Mrs. Thorney. He says the pleural effusion (fluid around the lung)  is resolving slowly and we can probably get her off oxygen in a month, more or less.  We see the cardiologists Wednesday for what looks like a full day of tests. If they find nothing upsetting we can then make arrangements to escape the rehab home and fly to Memphis - there are still a lot of logistics, like air reservations and arranging oxygen for the trip and at home, but there is real hope for the future.
      Bizarre sidelights - the internet connection at the rehab home allows access to some porn sites, but will not allow mail-order purchase of underwear (we came with clothes for a week and have been here 6 weeks so far) and will not allow access to airline or travel agency sites.  ????

Saturday, February 08, 2014

February 8, about 1 am - Sorry, internet connectivity has been a bit weak in the rehab home. We had several rough days after the last post as Mrs. Thorney apparently had a digestive flu - vomiting and diarrhea Monday and Tuesday, no appetite Sunday-Wednesday.  Fever never got over 99.2 (F), perhaps 37.3 C?  She recovered rapidly late Wednesday, although even now (late Friday evening) appetite is weak.  We had to up her oxygen feed to 2 liter/min Sunday - Thursday, we have cut it back to 1 liter on Friday but her blood oxygen still drops too much when she is off oxygen even briefly (e.g. to change from dress into nightie).
      Her muscles are doing fine - she is doing slaloms on her rollator (4-wheeled walker), can stand and do activities, can go up and down stairs - so the only obstacle to going home is the fact that there is still oxygen trouble (fluid around the left lung), We have appointments with a pulmonologist Monday Feb 10 - (possibly drain fluid again, last done on Jan 16?) and the cardiologists Wednesday Feb 12. With luck they'll solve the problem and we'll get home soon.  We do have friends who use oxygen constantly, lead a reasonably active social life carrying an oxygen bottle with them, but we hope it doesn't come to that yet.
     Limited sex life progress given the single bed and limitations of a rehab home, but she is back to wearing sexy panties I choose and her cock licking has become considerably more enthusiastic than a week ago,

Saturday, February 01, 2014

February 1, 8:30 PM.  Still more improvement, although with surgery having been January 9 and in the rehab home since Jan 17, it seems slow. She's down to 1 liter/min  of oxygen, breathing more deeply (750 ml on the spirometer, after a few weeks at 500 or less), walking 100+ feet several times a day. Stairs are still hard due to the broken hip last March, and I'd love to have her off oxygen and doing some stairs before we go home.  Her interest in things sexual has improved dramatically in the last couple of days - I'm being called "Master" again and she's suggesting licking my cock several times a day, and complaining about the lack of a double bed in the rehab home.  I'm still sleeping on an air mattress beside her bed, attending her in the bathroom, helping her dress, and generally satisfying my sub urges.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29 - She is still improving, but we are still in the rehab home.  Incisions are fine, heart sounds fine, but still having trouble with fluid on the lungs. 40 mg Lasix/ day and oxygen 2 liters/min.  While she can function for a couple of hours off oxygen, her blood oxygen level then falls below 90%; they are keeping her on oxygen constantly to keep her energy level up for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. The idea seems to be that if they can build up muscles it will make her breathing stronger too. She is very much herself intellectually.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 20 2013 - We are now in a rehab home in Prairie Village, a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas.  Mrs. Thorney is sleeping a lot, still on oxygen (2 liters) when resting, but has walked 20 feet twice today.  I'm afraid it is not going to be the miraculously swift recovery I'd hoped for and we have sometimes seen before, but she is very much herself mentally and we have good hopes for the future.  IF anyone in the KC area would like to do a nursing home visit, message me on Fetlife.