Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, Monday, about 7 PM - The pulmonogist says we can go home and start to live fairly normally, but with oxygen for Mrs. Thorney. He says the pleural effusion (fluid around the lung)  is resolving slowly and we can probably get her off oxygen in a month, more or less.  We see the cardiologists Wednesday for what looks like a full day of tests. If they find nothing upsetting we can then make arrangements to escape the rehab home and fly to Memphis - there are still a lot of logistics, like air reservations and arranging oxygen for the trip and at home, but there is real hope for the future.
      Bizarre sidelights - the internet connection at the rehab home allows access to some porn sites, but will not allow mail-order purchase of underwear (we came with clothes for a week and have been here 6 weeks so far) and will not allow access to airline or travel agency sites.  ????

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