Friday, February 14, 2014

 February 14, Friday.  We have escaped from the rehab home!  After two days of working through absurdly difficult hoops, we are now at our daughter's house until next Wednesday, Feb 19, when we'll fly back to our own home.  Mrs. Thorney is still on oxygen (1 liter/min) and will need 3 liters/min on the airplane, but the pulmonologist hopes she'll be off oxygen in a month or two. It is SO nice to be back in a double bed!  Ad tomorrow we hope to have a shower together for the first time since late December.
     Example of the silly obstacles: The rehab home faxed a prescription list to the pharmacy.  The margins were set wrong, and the left quarter inch was cut off in the received copy. Since the original had no margins (???!!!) that meant the first two letters of each drug name were cut off, as well as the info the pharmacy could have used to calll back and say there was a problem.
     Anyhow, Mrs. Thorney is enthusiastic, climbing stairs, and we are still very much in love.

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