Saturday, February 08, 2014

February 8, about 1 am - Sorry, internet connectivity has been a bit weak in the rehab home. We had several rough days after the last post as Mrs. Thorney apparently had a digestive flu - vomiting and diarrhea Monday and Tuesday, no appetite Sunday-Wednesday.  Fever never got over 99.2 (F), perhaps 37.3 C?  She recovered rapidly late Wednesday, although even now (late Friday evening) appetite is weak.  We had to up her oxygen feed to 2 liter/min Sunday - Thursday, we have cut it back to 1 liter on Friday but her blood oxygen still drops too much when she is off oxygen even briefly (e.g. to change from dress into nightie).
      Her muscles are doing fine - she is doing slaloms on her rollator (4-wheeled walker), can stand and do activities, can go up and down stairs - so the only obstacle to going home is the fact that there is still oxygen trouble (fluid around the left lung), We have appointments with a pulmonologist Monday Feb 10 - (possibly drain fluid again, last done on Jan 16?) and the cardiologists Wednesday Feb 12. With luck they'll solve the problem and we'll get home soon.  We do have friends who use oxygen constantly, lead a reasonably active social life carrying an oxygen bottle with them, but we hope it doesn't come to that yet.
     Limited sex life progress given the single bed and limitations of a rehab home, but she is back to wearing sexy panties I choose and her cock licking has become considerably more enthusiastic than a week ago,

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