Saturday, February 01, 2014

February 1, 8:30 PM.  Still more improvement, although with surgery having been January 9 and in the rehab home since Jan 17, it seems slow. She's down to 1 liter/min  of oxygen, breathing more deeply (750 ml on the spirometer, after a few weeks at 500 or less), walking 100+ feet several times a day. Stairs are still hard due to the broken hip last March, and I'd love to have her off oxygen and doing some stairs before we go home.  Her interest in things sexual has improved dramatically in the last couple of days - I'm being called "Master" again and she's suggesting licking my cock several times a day, and complaining about the lack of a double bed in the rehab home.  I'm still sleeping on an air mattress beside her bed, attending her in the bathroom, helping her dress, and generally satisfying my sub urges.

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