Saturday, January 11, 2014

     As you can tell, I was so groggy I had days of the week wrong. Surgery was Thursday January 9, it is now late Saturday morning January 11.   They replaced  Mrs. Thorney's aortic valve, placed an aortic stent, and put in a pacemaker. With minor complications, 14 hours of anesthesia and deep sedation.  She is recovering remarkably well but still a bit of confusion between dreams and reality and with short-term memory. Nurses say mental problems for a few days are very normal in this situation.  Limited range of motion and lifting ability with left arm for six weeks due to incisions. She wants to get up on her walker but they say no as she may forget and put too much weight on the left arm.
     We are enjoying embarrassing the medical students who come through when they ask about "baseline behavior before the surgery" by saying that since her broken hip last March, she has generally preferred 69 to the missionary position. (One senior cardiologist did say "I hope my wife stays interested that long.")


Anonymous said...

I am glad Mrs. Thorney is recovering. Good Thoughts for all to go well.

Sue said...

Glad to hear that the Mrs is recovering. :-)