Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's been going pretty well. There was a problem with fluid accumulation in the lung - they put in a cathether through her back and drained about 1.3 liters of fluid. I think this set recovery back about two days. It is now January 16, 7 days after the surgery, and they hope to release her to a reha home tomorrow.  She's still on oxygen through a nosepiece (nasal cannuli), but down to a one liter rate having been on 4 liters a few days ago.  She still isn't eating as well as they'd like, and she has only walked aboit 20 feet at a time (twice today).  She's very much herself intellectually - a bit of short-term memory trouble, can't remember the date, but at 89 and a half I can't complain about that.

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