Sunday, December 29, 2002

2000-12-08 Newsgroup: I love it when she says...

The old saw says that at the holiday season, instead of the almost universal experience of being tense about the relatives who don't show up or don't get along, we are supposed to be being giving and thankful.

So, I hoped the group might enjoy my recalling a few of the phrases my wife uses that I particularly enjoy. I hope others will enjoy them or find them useful or helpful. Obviously, I've picked particular categories of such phrases here, and there are other things I enjoy too. I put these out very much hoping that others will reply with their own lists of things they say to their partner(s) or their partner(s) to them, with the specific thought that I may receive suggestions of phrases my wife would enjoy hearing me say that I haven't thought of (men, even Doms, being very well known to be inept at such things).

I'll confine myself now to things she's actually said, rather than things I wish she'd say, but if others offer in that category I'll try to also. (And I enjoy hearing new things I can teach her to say, too).

These are phrases jumbled together, not in order or from the same chain of conversation.
Could I please have a spanking, Master? I've been so naughty, Master. Do I get a spanking? Spank me faster, please. How loud can you make it without actually hurting? I'm so glad you taught me to like spankings, they are really more like caresses. Could I have some more, please, Master? I'm glad you think my ass is so sexy. It's yours, Master, you can do whatever you want with it.

Don't worry about peter not being stiff Master, getting him stiff is my job. I know just how to lick and kiss and squeeze. I love looking at peter when he's little and soft like that. I almost never get to see him that way. See I just kiss him and he's getting bigger already. I love watching your peter get big and hard, Lover. Your peter is just exactly the right size for me. I love when it goes all the way in and pushes all the right buttons.

Would you pick out a pair of panties for me, Master? My panties are all wet, Master, could I please change them? [On telephone] I need to {put on, change} panties, Master, and I know I'm not supposed to do that without supervision. Can you come home to supervise, or will you give me a spanking later? You made me come and come and come this morning and I'm so wet.

Do you have time for me to kiss peter before you go? I bet with me [laying or sitting] here I'm at just the right height to kiss peter. Would you bring him over here for me to kiss? I love how stiff peter gets when I kneel down naked to kiss him. [in bed] Would you turn around and put peter between my breasts while I lick your balls? Boy, peter really gets stiff when I lick right here just behind your balls.

When you touch me right there [base of spine] I just melt. Would you come lie on top of me, Master? I need peter inside so badly. Please put him in. Please fuck me, Master. Please fuck me hard, Master. Put him waaaay in. Can you push harder? I love it when you fuck me really hard,

It just gets better and better. I love being yours, Master. I love being your property. I'm yours, you can do anything with me. I'm so glad I guv myself to you. Giving me to you was the best thing I ever did.

I love the way you play with my nipples. I think there's a direct nerve to my vagina, it gets all hot and wet when you do that. When you get both nipples in your mouth at once, I want more and more but I need peter inside so badly I can't wait.

Would you like to come between my breasts? Would you like me on my hands and knees for awhile? Am I waving my bottom right? Can you see how I'm squeezing my muscles? I love squeezing like that when you are inside me. Please fuck my ass, Master. [Note: I like hearing this, but she doesn't like my cock in her ass, so we've agreed that I always tell her she's been too naughty and can't have it that way].

I'm melted, Lover. I'm glad you like melted girl. I'm all yours, Master. I'm completely out of control. When you do that to me, I'm the Wild Woman from Borneo. I'm completely yours, I'm in your control.

Is this a good pose, Lover? How long shall I stay this way, Master? [kowtow or Gorean position, while exercising] I love you touching me there when I'm like this. Touch me some more, please, there, Master. Right here. Oh yes.

Wow, did you turn me on this morning. I was so hot and wet we left a puddle on the bed. I've been in a rosy glow all day. I don't know where you got that control switch, but were you ever in control.

Acknowledgements: This post was inspired by a recent discussion at my support group for the visually impaired, and by a recent post in the 'Negotiating humiliation' thread in which someone said <>

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