Sunday, December 29, 2002

2002-09-02 Newsgroup post: Mrs. Thorney's viewpoint.

Subject: Mrs. Thorney's point of view

Well, we're actually enjoying a few days of relative privacy - the first time in over a month that we are home with no grandchildren in residence, no house guests, etc., for more than a day or two in a row. And we are celebrating in full force, with lots of play time and in general my enjoying "my property" in great detail. Mrs. Thorney (approaching 80) has posed for a nice series of (fake) bondage photographs as well as anything else I've asked, and life is delightful.

She's even staging one of her little "rebellions" which is taking an amusing form. She is doing absolutely everything I ask with one exception--when I tell her she is being "absolutely obedient" she denies it hotly instead of replying "Yes, Master" as she is supposed to. She insists that she is doing exactly what she wants, and getting exactly the attention she wants, and that
since she isn't doing anything she doesn't want to do she thinks it is unreasonable to call it "obedience". And if I swat her shapely bottom for this denial she points out that she likes that and is getting just what she wants, nya nya nya. But swatting her bottom is too much fun for me to stop, so I guess I'll have to go on enjoying the rebellion a bit longer.

I've said that I like to be dominant ("Love D/s Lite 24/7") and she denies any interest at all in being submissive, she just takes pride in being the world's greatest expert in keeping me happy. You may also recall that she denies being 'kinky' in any way: by her definition, if we both enjoy it and no-one gets hurt, it isn't kinky.

But recently one of the younger women in our extended family was asking relationship advice, and Mrs. Thorney wrote a long e-mail. The following excerpt (only proper names changed) may be of interest in giving Mrs. Thorney's point of view on our relationship.

---begin quote---

For me the most sexually exciting and appealing things are what a man does. Thorney told me early on, and repeated it often since, that he doesn't want to have to guess what I want. He wants me to tell him. I guess it is a little like two kids on the playground. One kid is playing ball. The other wants to join in, but comes to me and says Fred won't play ball with me. I ask him if he asked Fred if he could play ball. The answer is, "No, but he wouldn't." A lot of adults are like that.

In fact when I had an ulcer, I observed that it was worse when I was angry. How could I avoid being angry? Try to get what I want before getting angry. How should I get what I want? Ask for it. Sounds terribly simplistic doesn't it? But about 85% or more of the time it works.

A good sexual relationship gets better and better. Sure there are a few valleys among the mountaintops, but the mountaintops get higher and more frequent. It's amazing! Thorney and I have been sexually active since 1977. That's 25 years, and it's still getting better and better. An experience not to be missed.

You shouldn't worry about losing a man to another woman. That's never a problem unless the man has never grown up and in many cases even if he is still somewhat immature. Most of us haven't grown up completely in some respect, but that's ok as long as we are realistic. All you have to do is to observe what a man likes, what his priorities are. Then give him what he

Mrs. Thorney

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