Tuesday, December 24, 2002

A bit more biography...

Mrs. Thorney and I are both retired Computer Science
Professors. She started in physics, I started in Math, we met
in Computer Science at a small college in the 1970's. She
was among the few women teaching college physics in the US
in 1946, and suffered most of her career from being a lone women
in a department of men. She has a Master's from a very respectable
university Physics department, I have a Ph.D. in math from a top
university. After our small college we moved to a research
university and have been lucky enough to travel and lecture all
over the world. (When I got tired of London, Paris, Amsterdam,
etc., I discovered I could go lecture in Budapest, Shanghai,
Torshaven, and even as isolated a place as Zomba, Malawi.)
This is my second marriage, her third. When we met we
were both divorced, had about half-a-dozen kids between us,
all ages. All the kids are now grown (ranging from one who got
tired of being a graduate Dean and went back to faculty, to one
still in grad school) and the numerous grandchildren are age
college senior down to pre-kindergarden.
As empty nesters, we are having the time of our lives.
We are about twenty years different in age. In sexual
upbringing we were members of different generations, with very
different vocabularies. I had a tendency to say 'fuck' when she'd
prefer 'make love'. Our fanatasies, desires, etc., seemed very
different. They merged beautifully.
Our backgrounds were different in other ways, too. She was
a liberal Protestant, I was (when we met) an orthodox Jew. But we
were past the age when 'what will the children be' was a question,
and we simply merged our interests. We now belong to a Reform
Temple (since she isn't good at Hebrew). We describe ourselves
as "traditional Jews Thursday through Saturday, Liberal Presbyterians
Sunday through Wednesday, except in the summer, when we are
Baptists". Mrs. Thorney says that description is unfair, slightly:
we live in the South winters and summer in the North, where the
local liberal church is Northern Baptist (American Baptist). It
actually had to have a meeting and amend its bylaws to cope with us.

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