Monday, December 23, 2002

A First Entry, read this first...

OK, I think I finally have this working. Now, I get to try to start putting some stuff in. Well, actually, I've come back in July 2007 and revised a bit.

For some time, I've been active in a newsgroup, one of the ones that, on its surface, discussed bizarre sex, fetishes, etc. Ok, so it -does- discuss bizarre sex, fetishes, etc. It also has some of
the best discussions of sex, morals, etc., that I've run across on the web. But over time, I find I'm accumulating a large enough number of posts that even searching on Google doesn't help me to find the old posts of mine that I want to find.

I hope that by collecting some of the stuff in blog form I can get it into a more editable condition. The newsgroup: soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm

OK, having said that, if you are not of legal age, go away now. These musings are intended only for people of legal age to read adult stuff wherever they are, who are not offended by sex. It also helps if you aren't offended by bad jokes, frank discussions, etc.

I had also better say at the outset that my wife and I are both retired college professors, long married, lots of children and grandchildren. So we are not teenagers and aren't basically writing for teenagers; teenagers and people who are seriously into fetishes (bondage, for example) may find us rather boring.

Mrs. Thorney started teaching colleeg physics in 1946. For most of her career, she was the only woman faculty member in whatever department she taught in. I started teaching colleeg math in 1969. We got together, in computer science, in the late 1970's and married in 1983; after that we tended to be the only married couple in the department. So we often got to hear students' personal problems, love affairs, need for abortions, and the like. We are used to doing a lot of advising - both academic and personal. And one function of the newsgroup postings (and blog) is to help people learn ways to deal with odd urges, and to satisfy them in ways that don't hurt themselves or other people.

An admonition: it isn't hard to figure out our real names, but it isn't polite. And if you post in newsgroups, even anonymously, it is on the permanent record and twenty years later someone might go to the nuisance of figuring out what you post way back then and who you were and are. It has happened to prominent politicans and business executives. I / we didn't start posting until late in our careers and long past the days when we might decide to enter politics. If you are a college student and don't yet know whether you want someday to be prominent, consider carefully what you write. Sorry about that. Personal e-mails -may- not reappear in quite the same way; sometimes people have e-mailed us questions and suggested we post the question and answer in a newsgroup rather than them post it themself.

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